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Ninja Paintball


The Ninja Paintball Tanks are all made in the United States as well as the Ninja Paintball Tank Regulators. This is the best possible combination of Price, Popularity, Aesthetics, and Performance. The Ninja Paintball Tanks are built to last and with their fully adjustable regulator, and will optimize the performance of any paintball gun. The full adjustable Ninja Paintball Tank Regulator can quickly and easily be adjusted between 850 and 450 PSI. A Ninja Paintball Carbon Fiber HPA Tank is the top choice of pro paintball teams the world over. Ninja Paintball regulators are built to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry, providing consistent output and reliable long lasting performance. The Ninja Paintball Carbon Fiber HPA Tank features a high output (800-850 psi) to work with the majority of paintball markers on the planet. Paintball Store, Inc. highly recommends the Ninja Paintball Tanks and fully supports their full line of products.